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I am often asked if a regular service is needed. That is hard to answer over the phone for each individual home. I can tell you that the majority of homes here in the valley do need some form of regular maintenance.

The reason for this is that we have environments that are effective in sustaining the lives of many imported insects. This includes the sand colored crickets(house crickets) that are so common here. Also many varieties of insects have been imported and thrive here (such as our common Indian House Cricket). Water is a big part of this. If there were no water sources outside, most of the crickets and roaches commonly found here would die off.

If you and your neighbors did not perform any forms of pest control, cricket and roach populations would accelerate and would provide ample food supplies for other pests, such as scorpions. Black widows would end up covering most structures, ant populations would spread and many imported pests would thrive.

Its a civic responsibility to do some form of control. The amount of control depends on so many factors, such as the surrounding environment, as well as your own personal tolerance level.

Most of our customers are serviced on a bi-monthly basis. Generally speaking bi-monthly is sufficient to control most pests. Some areas have greater infestations of scorpions or ants and will do better with monthly service.
Our Typical Regular Visit Includes:
  • Thorough baiting of the property. We always use natural baits as these can be walked across without concern and can also help draw out an infestation.
  • Inspection of all areas likely to harbor insects such as spiders. Black widows can often end up in kids toys and patio furniture. We flush these out using natural flushing products. Inspection and treatment includes window and door frames, roof eves, valve boxes, etc.
  • We usually perform a barrier treatment using a well-chosen pyrethroid, but unlike many companies, our treatment is highly targeted and is done to avoid tracking pesticides into the home.
  • Garage and storage areas are treated when accessible.
  • Re-inspection is done and ant colonies are injected and other services done as needed.
  • All services are guaranteed
Regular Service
This can be either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. Chosing which one depends on many factors. For example, if you live in a crowded suburb you might be living between homes that are not treated and are doing a great job at breading and spreading crickets and black widows. Thus an intense form of service(monthly) might be desired. Frequency will also be determined by your own tolerance for certain amounts of critters Sometimes despite a home being heavily infested by either crickets or roaches, often a less frequent treatment is enough to handle the job.

Frequency also determines cost. For example, a monthly service is usually less expensive per visit than a less frequent service. As the service intervals spread out, so does the implied guarantee that will be honored. Also the technician will likely encounter more infestations and will use more product during the visit. You can expect an increase of around 40% to extend to bi-monthly and around 80% for quarterly. Yet the cost of less frequent service, added up yearly, is obviously less. But some pests, such as ants, black widows or scorpions, may not be satisfactorily controlled with infrequent service.

We will help you decide which interval might best suite your needs.

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