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"Its never a good surprise to find a scorpion crawling across a bed about the time you are planning on using it!"

We Offer a Comprehensive Service to Rid You of the Menace of Scorpions in Your Home
  • We use carefully chosen and mixed pesticides, targeted to the areas Scorpions are likely to infest.
  • Inspection and assistance in exclusionary work.
  • Dusting of attics, kickboards and other interior harborages.
  • Elimination of food supplies that encourage scorpion developement.
  • Mechanical products that assist in interior success
  • Offered black-light and other services to quicken the elimination of scorpions.
Scorpions are venomous arachnids, and are relatives of the spider. They are nocturnal. Scorpion venom is employed to disable prey and as a defensive measure.

There are many varieties of scorpions in Arizona, but when people talk about scorpions here, they usually are referring to the Arizona bark scorpion. This specific bark scorpion found in Arizona is different from other types of bark scorpion, such as the Florida, striped, and Hentz's bark scorpion.

The Arizona bark scorpion can cause illness to those stung by it, and young children and people with suppressed immune systems are likely to be more vulnerable. Fatalities resulting from the venom of the Arizona bark scorpion are very rare.

The scientific name of the Arizona bark scorpion is Centruroides sculpturatus. At one point it was changed to Centruroides exilicauda, but in 2004 it was changed back to Centruroides sculpturatus because the Baja California bark scorpion was found to be a separate species.

They are often found as intruders in homes and are excellent climbers, thus they often end up entering homes thru the attic. While they have no desire to end up in your home, they do find it comfortable to climb into beds and couches.

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